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Whether trying to help your child learn how to sleep, understand her needs and behavior, or deal with your own emotional triggers as a mom or dad, raising a child

can sometimes make you feel unsure about the right path. You are not alone, and

we can help.


At Sleepy Planet Parenting, we help shine light on the places where you're feeling stuck, and we help you find new perspectives and solutions that make sense for you and your family. There is no one right way to parent, but there is a right way for you, and we'll help you find it. For more than 20 years, we have helped thousands of moms and dads to create a loving, healthy connection with their child and to parent with more awareness, love and confidence.


We look forward to helping you create more balance and harmony in your family life.


With love,

Jill and Jennifer

Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack



“I'm finding that I feel

like a more

peaceful parent

than I have in the last ten years of being a mom."


Charli, mom of Lola

"Sleepy Planet gave us

the tools we needed

to get our baby

sleeping through the night.

Now when we say goodnight,

we know it really will be

a good night.”


Greg Kinnear, Actor



and expertise,

Sleepy Planet targets your child's specific sleep needs and

supports parents

through the emotional side

 of sleep learning. I highly

recommend these methods as both a

pediatrician and a mother.


Sonya Gohill, MD 

"In this group I've gone from

confused to informed,

stressed to relaxed,

terrified to trusting myself


"When I take a


deep breath


and the baby




it's a WOW."


Janelle, mom of Oliver


"Mom group helped

me to realize that

I am not alone

in motherhood."


Nina, mom of Stella

"Thank you for

helping me find my confidence

as a mom."



Ellie, mom of Lucy,


and confidence

"You gave us the skills,

helping our family thrive




we needed to make the dream

of sleep a reality. This approach

was truly amazing in


and we are eternally grateful!"


Ben Stiller and

Christine Taylor, Actors

as a mom. I cannot thank you

enough for this experience.


Tina, mom of Max



copies sold!

Our no-fail, fewest-tears method helps your

baby, toddler, or child get the rest he needs -

 usually in just a few nights.

Too tired to read? We get it! Created with exhausted parents in mind, our DVD brings us right into your home to show you how to help your child sleep.


Practical tools to help you find your center as a new mom and tap into your natural instincts. When mama is calm, baby is calmer, too - helping her sleep and feed better!.

Check out our meditations for moms - and help with sleep! - on the new Evenflow app.

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