The Sleepeasy Solution - Book

The Sleepeasy Solution - DVD

Calm Mama, Happy Baby - Book

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The Sleepeasy Solution - Book


Is your child a night owl or nap resister? Help has arrived with The Sleepeasy Solution!

In our ongoing mission to help exhausted families across the country and around the globe get the rest they need, we’ve brought to book form our no-fail, family-friendly solution to get any baby, toddler, or preschooler to sleep—usually in less than five nights!

In The Sleepeasy Solution, we give parents the same key ingredients for success that we offer in our private sleep consultations—a customized sleep plan; clear, step-by-step instructions; and plenty of emotional support as your child learns. Our “least-cry” approach ensures that healthy sleep habits are established quickly without any guessing, without any guilt.

* Teach your child to sleep through the night and take regular naps
* Say good-bye to early morning wakings
* End bedtime battles with verbal children
* Troubleshoot stumbling blocks like teething, illness, traveling, transitioning from crib to bed, managing multiple siblings, and more!

Over 130,000 copies in print.  Winner of the Parents Choice Award!



Our no-fail, fewest-tears method helps your baby, toddler, or child get the rest he needs - usually in just a few nights.


The Sleepeasy Solution - DVD



Does your child need lots of assistance to fall asleep? Does he wake through the night or take short naps? Help has arrived!

Created with exhausted parents in mind, The Sleepeasy Solution DVD allows you to bring us — your own personal sleep coaches— right into your living room! Just as we do in our private sleep consultations, we will show you why your child isn’t sleeping, walk you step by step through how to teach your child to sleep through the night and take great naps, and offer you the same emotional support and coaching normally available only to families who work with us in person. Our no-fail, family-friendly solution will get any baby or toddler to sleep — usually in less than 5 nights!

Highlights include:

* The 6 Sleep Stealers that cause most sleep problems in young children
* A step-by-step guide to solving your child’s nap and nighttime sleep problems
* Sample sleep schedules according to age
* Guidelines for gently weaning nighttime feedings
* Real families solving typical sleep problems
* Commonly asked questions with Jennifer and Jill, including information about illness, teething, managing multiple siblings, and cosleeping
* Music by acclaimed composer and musician Peter Himmelman

BONUS: Includes a 20-page booklet that outlines specific details of your sleep plan, as well as sample schedules, important tips, your own personal Sleep Chart, and more.

Approximate running time: 97 minutes. Winner of the iParenting Media Award!




Too tired to read? We get it! Created with exhausted parents in mind, our DVD brings us right into your living room to show you how to help your child sleep.


Calm Mama, Happy Baby - Book



With constant feedings, teary outbursts, and trying to help your baby sleep through the night, it's no wonder that parents of babies and young children feel overwhelmed. Yet eye-opening neuroscientific research shows that your stress directly affects your child's mood, behavior, and health. The good news is that calm mamas have calmer, happier babies who usually feed and sleep better, too.

Drawing on their experience in nearly two decades of working with parents in Hollywood and around the globe, Derek O'Neill and Jennifer Waldburger give parents practical tools for choosing calm over stress no matter what is happening with their child. For any mom who's ever said, "I wish my baby came with instructions," Calm Mama, Happy Baby offers a step-by-step approach for helping you parent intuitively, with confidence.

* Discover the negative habits that cause stress and zap your energy
* Learn how to understand your baby's communication on all levels
* Defuse any parenting situation, from feeding problems and sleep disruptions to separation anxiety, fussiness, and colic
* Explore why becoming a parent brings up unresolved fears and insecurities—and how to put them to rest.

When mama is happy, your child is happy, too—and the entire household thrives.




Practical tools for choosing calm over stress no matter what is happening with your child, and for parenting intuitively, with confidence. Includes guidance for sleep and feeding.


Evenflow App with Meditations for Moms


A longtime mindfulness and meditation teacher and practitioner, Jen is thrilled to be one of the teachers on this new meditation app. 

Evenflow's curriculum is designed to include the major life moments we all experience, with the belief that every person should have a conscious relationship with these moments as life evolves. Jen's offerings include meditations for expecting and new moms (don't worry, they're short but just long enough to help you reset) - and several can be done with your baby). There are other meditations on family and parenting life - and of course that subject that's always on everyone's mind: sleep!


Just starting out? Beginner meditations are shorter in length, and focus on essential tools to give you a solid foundation on your meditation and mindfulness practice. Already a skilled meditator? Advanced meditations build on skill sets developed in Level 1, and include more insights to deal with complex issues.


Named by Redbook as one of the 10 best meditation apps!


Use coupon code EVENFLOW2017 for a free one-month trial. Visit for more information.



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