Parenting Groups


Children don’t come with instructions! Each stage in a child's development - and in a parent's own journey -

brings new feelings and challenges. Parents thrive when they have both guidance and the compassion and

wisdom of other parents.


Our groups are designed to offer a haven of support and friendship while moms deepen their understanding

of what they need - in addition to what their child and family need - to thrive.

Groups take place either at our locations in Santa Monica, in private homes, or online via video conferencing. 

Both daytime and evening groups are available.


If you have a circle of at least 8 moms whose children are of similar ages, email us for more information

about creating a private group in your home.




"I found


in motherhood."


Tracy, mom of Edmond

Mother-Infant Groups


Welcome to motherhood!  New moms usually have lots of questions about their new baby and want the necessary information to know how they can do their best as a parent. Each 90-minute group begins with general questions and answers, followed by a different educational topic - focusing both on your baby and you - every week. The class ends with singing or activities with the children. Sessions are 8 weeks,


These renewable 8-week groups include topics that address both your

child and your own needs as a mom. Topics include:


  • Sleep

  • Physical, emotional, and cognitive development

  • Feeding (breast, bottle and solids)

  • Marriage and the transition to parenthood

  • Work and identity changes

  • Separation and attachment

  • Stimulation and play

  • Caregivers


Age: Newborn to 18 months (babies are grouped together in

3-4 month intervals)

For more information and to register, click here.




"This group brought me from confused to informed, stressed to relaxed, and terrified to trusting myself as a mom. I cannot thank you enough for this experience."



Tina, mom of Max

Second-Time Mom Groups


Second-time moms often need a refresher course in baby basics such as sleep and feeding.  In addition, all types of new issues emerge as you welcome another family member.  These renewable 8-week groups cater to the specific needs of a second time mom and are designed to relate to all members of the family, including each parent, the couple, the older sibling and the new baby.  Topics include:


  • Sibling rivalry

  • Balancing multiple needs of family and self

  • Behavior

  • Baby sleep

  • Baby feeding

  • Helping your older child adjust to this transition

  • Recognizing and embracing the benefits of this transitionfor your older child


Age: Birth through 18 months.  New baby attends group with mom.


For more information and to register, click here.


"Mom group helped

me to realize that

I am not alone

in motherhood."




Nina, mom of Stella

Parenting with Awareness Groups


Parenting well when your child’s behavior is challenging or when life is challenging for your child isn’t about following steps outlined in a book or by a parenting expert. It’s about the art of being in right relationship, which is something very few of us were ever taught. Knowing how to meet each moment in relationship with your child - when to come forward with love and comfort, when to step back and teach important life lessons, and when to do a combination of these - is built on our capacity to listen deeply and to bring clear awareness to the situation at hand. Cultivating that awareness, or presence, is a foundational skill that can be learned by anyone - and can unlock our ability to connect from the heart and find creative solutions to a variety of challenges in family life and in other areas of your child's life.


Parenting with Awareness groups draw on mindfulness, meditation, and other holistic practices designed to help each group member connect with your child on all levels and create more peace in both daily life and family relationships. Topics are curated based on group consensus, and are always grounded in day-to-day life as a mom.


Each group starts with a topic, then a discussion ensues.  Groups are 90 minutes long and meet in the evening once a month.

For more information or to join a group, click here. (If you have a circle of at least 8 moms who would like to start your own private group, contact us!)

Advanced Mom Groups


As your child gets older, you are always in new territory

as a mom, and questions about your child's behavior and

development, and about the ever-changing dynamics in the

parent-child relationship, are ongoing. A mom's identity is in constant flux as well, as she grows and changes along with her child. Topics are curated depending on the interests of each group, which is 90 minutes long and meets weekly, biweekly or once a month (parents only).


For more information and to register, click here.

"You really

helped me

find my confidence."



Ellie, mom of Lucy

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