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Being a parent can crack your heart wide open and it can also bring challenges at times, whether you’ve recently had a baby or your child is in a new developmental phase that feels unfamiliar.  As children grow and develop, their changing needs can bring parent and child, and the couple, into a new phase of relationship. In our private parenting consultations, we help you get to the root of what's triggering current questions or confusion, then collaborate together on a plan to address the issues at hand  taking into consideration your child’s temperament and developmental stage. 


Consultations take place in person, by video, or by phone and can include one or both parents.



We are also available for talks, presentations, and panel discussions about sleep, behavior, parenting with awareness (mindful parenting), the couple relationship, and a variety of other child development, parenting and family topics.

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NOTE: We are here for you during quarantine! We are currently conducting sessions by phone and video, as we always have. Please contact us for details!

Parenting consults

As a parent, you may have questions or concerns about your child's behavior and development at any stage, from baby to teenager. We can help you better understand your child's needs, resolve conflict, and deepen connection.


Topics include:


  • Resolving behavioral or emotional challenges with your child - such as hitting, biting, or aggression; acting-out behavior and stormy emotions; power struggles and defiance

  • Parenting a sensitive or strong-willed child

  • Easing separation anxiety / clinginess; connecting with a child who withdraws

  • Resolving conflict in social interactions with peers

  • Learning how to use the potty

  • Helping your older child adjust to a new sibling

  • Managing conflict between siblings

  • Fostering resilience and self-confidence in your child

  • Talking to your child about death or divorce

  • Talking to an older child about drugs, alcohol, and sex


present and calm

today. And breathing

into my feelings without making apologies

or pushing them away. I feel different and more

prepared to face the day."

Lisa, mom of Noah,

Emma and Jake

We are currently conducting sessions by phone and video, as we always have. Please contact us for details!

Couples consultations

No matter how much you love each other, having a child can expose every crack and flaw in your couple relationship. Your partnership is the hub of your family wheel - it needs to be strong to help your kids feel balanced, supported, and safe. Conflict and tension that are not dealt with will inevitably show up in the mirror of your child's upset or acting-out behavior; taking steps to reconnect brings peace and harmony to both your heart and your home.


Topics include:


  • Improving couples communication

  • Getting on the same page as co-parents (ie, about how to discipline and manage behavior, knowing when to support your child and when to challenge her)

  • Understanding the strengths and challenges that each parent brings to the relationship with your child

  • Addressing tensions with in-laws

  • Creating a vision of your ideal life as a family, and a map for how to get there

We are currently conducting sessions by phone and video, as we always have. Please contact us for details!

Parenting with awareness

Parenting well when your child’s behavior is challenging or when life is challenging for your child isn’t about following steps outlined in a book or by a parenting expert. It’s about the art of being in right relationship, which is something very few of us were ever taught. Knowing how to meet each moment in relationship with your child - when to come forward with love and comfort, when to step back and teach important life lessons, and when to do a combination of these - is built on our capacity to listen deeply and to bring clear awareness to the situation at hand. Cultivating that awareness, or presence, is a foundational skill that can be learned by anyone - and can unlock our ability to connect from the heart and find creative solutions to a variety of challenges in family life and in other areas of your child's life.


A Parenting with Awareness consultation can help you to:

  • Respond with calm and clarity rather than react with anger or anxiety

  • Increase your capacity for empathy and attunement to your child and partner

  • Attend to your own triggers in the parent-child relationship without getting stuck in them

  • Bring more resourcefulness to difficult interactions with your child, leading to cooperation and connection rather than more conflict

  • Spend less time yelling, lecturing, and controlling and more time enjoying your child and family

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our session. I think the baby is wondering where did my overwhelmed and tired mommy go and who is this woman dancing with me today!

Mandy, mom of Rowan

We are currently conducting sessions by phone and video, as we always have. Please contact us for details!

Rising Star energy healing session


As science now documents, every living thing, including human beings, are made up of energy. When our energetic vibration decreases due to life's stress and challenges, imbalance and dis-ease can occur. Energy therapies return higher frequencies to our energetic systems to promote wellness. A Rising Star session brings healing to all levels, addressing both the symptoms and the cause of the imbalances - thus making it an extraordinarily comprehensive and effective treatment system.


How It Works


The Rising Star removes blockages and restores the pure and natural flow of life force energy, which keeps us alive and well. A Rising Star session raises the vibration of your energy field, so your entire being can balance and heal. Because our energy affects those around us, the benefits of a session are shared with your child, spouse, and others in your environment.


Note: Energy healing is not a substitue for medical attention when warranted; medical professionals should be consulted for any medical concerns.


About the Rising Star


The Rising Star Healing System™ was developed by Derek O'Neill, an Irish-born healer and teacher. The Rising Star harmonizes within it many other healing systems found in India, Tibet, China, Japan, Europe, and Celtic-based countries.

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Rising Star sessions are available remotely, as they always have been. Please contact us for details!

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