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Imagine life as a rested parent!

Our book The Sleepeasy Solution offers our no-fail, heart-centered approach to helping babies and children get great sleep usually in 5 nights or less!

What are the books you've given most as gifts, and why? If you want to be a hands-on parent, [The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp] is gold. I usually send it with The Sleepeasy Solution, written by Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack.

Ashton Kutcher, from Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris 



As an exhausted parent, you are so tired that you can't function or think straight- but you love your child and would do anything to make sure she knows it, including feeding or rocking her to sleep, lying down with her in bed, or rushing to her side whenever she cries at night. And yet, your child's poor sleep is wreaking havoc on your whole family. 


We get it - and we can help! 


At Sleepy Planet, our mission is to take the guesswork out of sleep for tired parents who know things need to change but feel uncertain about how to move forward.  We aim to make the road to peaceful sleep as smooth, simple and swift as possible, standing by  your side every step of the way - just as we've done with the thousands of parents we have worked with over the last 20+ years.

If you are like most parents whose child isn't sleeping ...


  • Your baby needs lots of assistance to fall asleep - breast, bottle, or motion - then wakes throughout the night or takes short naps.

  • Your toddler protests the minute you leave the room, asking you to lie down with him, bring him water, or read one more story.

  • You have a little night visitor who's unwilling to sleep in her room, and desperate for sleep, you snuggle her into your bed ... again.


What if your child instead ...


  • Went to sleep each night without protest,

  • Slept soundly through the night without waking, and

  • Took regular predictable naps each day?


Sounds hard to believe, we know. But we really can help make this dream become a reality!


Our approach


We do not believe in letting a child "cry it out" alone.  Instead, we help parents find a middle

ground between allowing their child to learn new skills while offering lots of love and support

throughout the process. Our methods incorporate ...


  • our master's-level training in attachment theory, child development, and family systems

  • the most current research on children and sleep, and

  • our experience in having helped 500,000+ families get great sleep over the last 23 years.


Our approach is designed to minimize crying as much as possible—and to help your child learn how to sleep quickly and easily.  Each sleep plan can be tailored for families who are co-sleeping or if your child sleeps in a crib or bed in another room.


"Oliver just went to sleep after 2 minutes and I am ecstatic. I feel like the shackles of bedtime have been removed, and I am myself again.  I couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you so much."

Jessica, mom of Leo,

8 months

Full consultations

Private full consultations are conducted by phone or video for now. We'll offer office and home visits again when it is safe to do so.


After completing a detailed history of your child's sleep patterns prior to meeting, we then schedule a 90-minute session in which we conduct a 24-hour, round-the-clock assessment of your child's sleep problems, including:


  • how you currently try to get your child to sleep

  • how you respond when he wakes

  • environmental issues

  • timing for bedtime and naps

  • developmental issues

  • feeding

  • naps and daytime scheduling 

  • your child's individual temperament


We then collaborate on a customized, step-by-step plan to resolve all the sleep difficulties your child is having.


Care is taken to ensure that the plan works specifically with your family's preferences and scheduling needs, that your child does not "cry it out" alone or struggle unnecessarily, and that you continue to maintain a loving bond with your child while she learns.


Up to 5 follow-up calls (10-15 mins) or emails are included with a full consult. Your child must be 4 months old and 14 lbs. prior to the consultation.


Mini consultations
Mini consults are one-on-one phone or video consultations scheduled in 25-minute and 50-minute sessions.  


These sessions are helpful if you have fine-tuning questions about your sleep plan (before or after starting), or wish to review the basic underlying principles of our methods.  Mini consults are also useful when sleep bumps off track after a bout of teething, an illness, a developmental milestone or travel.

Mini consults are available to parents who have purchased The Dream Lab or our

Sleepeasy Solution book, and are familiar with our methods. Mini consults are also available to

parents who have worked with us in the past in a full consult.

Happy to report that last night marked our seventh night of uninterrupted sleep in nearly three years.

Lucy, mom of Everly,

3.5 years

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are your philosophies about children and sleep? Do you believe in letting children cry?

A: We do not believe in letting a child "cry it out" alone. Instead, we help parents find a middle ground between allowing their child to learn new skills while offering plenty of love and support along the way. We work with each family to determine the best way to support your child's progress, while maintaining a strong and loving connection. Our approach is designed to minimize crying as much has possible - and to help the entire family get the rest you all need.


Q: What age children do you work with?

A: Most of the families we work with have children between 4 months and 5 years old. If your child is older than 5 years and has sleep problems, we can likely help as long as your child's sleep problems are behavioral and not medical. Please call or email us with details of your situation and we'll be glad to contact you. 


Q:  What if my child and I are cosleeping?

A:  Whether to sleep with your child or have her sleep in her own environment - crib or bed - is a very personal decision for each family.  We fully support a family's decision to cosleep, and if you choose to do so we will be happy to design a sleep plan that allows you to continue cosleeping. If you have been cosleeping and want to help your child transition to sleeping more independently, these details are covered in a consultation

as well. 


Q:  How long will it take for my child to sleep well?

A:  That depends a lot on you!  Consistency in following your plan is your number-one key factor for success.  Most children are able to sleep well in 3 to 5 nights.  For naps, the norm is 5 days, but it can occasionally take a bit longer -- up to two weeks.  With toddlers, or for children who are used to being held while they sleep, healthy sleep at night and during the day can take 7 to 10 days. 


Q:  Is there any way to avoid my child's tears and frustration while she learns?

A:  If only we could wave a magic sleep wand and just make children go to sleep - poof - with no tears!  While we do not advocate allowing a child to "cry it out" alone, children do feel some frustration in the process of learning how to sleep, no matter what we do to help them.  Our goal with each family is to give you a leak-proof plan that will minimize the crying as much as possible.  During your consultation, we will carefully discuss how you will support your child with love while she learns to sleep. After 20 years of being in practice and the more than 150,000 families we have helped all over the world, we have only heard from parents that their attachment with their child is stronger and healthier than ever after sleep learning! 


Q:  Why do I have to wait till 4 months and 14 pounds to help my baby sleep well?

A:  There is a very important cognitive milestone that happens between 3 and 4 months -- the baby's brain goes through a giant growth spurt.  By 4 months (adjusting for any prematurity), we know that babies have come all the way through that milestone, and that is the point at which babies can learn how to self-soothe -- and to remember from one day to the next how they did that.  A baby also needs to weigh at least 14 pounds to ensure that he or she will be able to sleep longer stretches at night.  (Note:  For breastfeeding moms, we will discuss in detail your milk supply and baby's feeding patterns.) You don't want to ask a baby to do something they are not developmentally capable of doing - and under 4 months and 14 pounds, they are often not ready. There are no "bad habits" for the first 4 months, so please feel free to rock, feed, or soothe your baby to sleep if necessary during this time. 


Q:  Can you be with us in our home to support us while our child learns?

A: It's no problem to arrange for this kind of support - contact us and we can discuss your needs with you. (Pricing varies according to need and where you live.)  


Q:  Do you guarantee that your products or services will help our child sleep? 

A:  Happily, we have never had to offer a guarantee, because when families follow their sleep plan 100% consistently, children naturally fall into healthy sleep patterns in a very short time.  We've never yet met a child who couldn't vastly improve his sleep habits!  That said, we will happily refund our fees for anyone who is not satisfied with our services. 



NOTE:  Children with certain medical or developmental issues may not be good candidates for a sleep-learning program. Feel free to contact us for more information if you have a child dealing with such issues.