One-shot "911"" sessions

Designed for these unusual times, one-shot sessions combine compassionate support with targeted, strategic solutions for what feels urgent now. You'll come away with steps and an actionable plan.


For you:

  • Get help with difficult mood and emotions

  • Metabolize the stress and adversity of the past year (with simple, evidence-based practices to help heal your nervous system)

  • Clarify decisions you need to make for yourself and your family

For your parenting concerns:

  • Get back on track with screen time, routines, "house rules"

  • Manage your child's difficult mood, emotions, and behavior - including meltdowns, defiance and "attitude"

  • Address your child's fears and resistance 

For other issues:

  • Get on the same page with the other parent / resolve differences

  • Figure out work / life balance in the new work landscape

  • Get help with caregiver transitions

Sessions may address one or a combination of presenting concerns, and are offered at 25 or 50 minutes.