We are incredibly excited to announce our next event in support of moms! For this upcoming talk, we are partnering with The Female Quotient to create a panel + discussion for moms to explore work and identity within the context of the motherhood role. As we know, things have shifted around plenty for moms during the past year due to the pandemic - so let’s put it all on the table and talk it through!


The panel, which will be moderated by The FQ founder and CEO Shelley Zalis, will feature mothers who have made a variety of different kinds of work choices, and who are also leaders in their chosen field. Our esteemed panelists:


  • Amanda Kogan, agent at Gersh (mom who chose a corporate path + works full-time)

  • Sharon Lee, founder of Krane Home (mom who chose an entrepreneurial path + works full-time)

  • Leiauna Anderson, salesperson / agent at Coldwell Banker (corporate AND entrepreneurial mom who’s at times raised her child full-time,

  • at times worked part-time, and now works full-time)

  • Goldie Taherian, former news writer + producer (corporate mom who left her job to raise kids full-time)

  • Our own Jill Spivack, co-founder of Sleepy Planet Parenting (entrepreneurial mom who worked part-time)


These moms all have kids who are school age or grown, so they’ll be able to provide long-term perspective on the choices they've made and both the gifts and the challenges of those choices. Our aim is to generate a discussion that will help you reflect on your own choices about work and family, as you also consider new perspectives - and therefore create or refine a pathway that feels right for you.


In our conversation, we'll talk about:


  • How each mom came to her own choices, and how she feels about the outcomes - both for herself and for her kids + family

  • What she would do differently in hindsight, if anything

  • How she’s handled the push-pull between work + kids and family

  • How to shape your own choices about work and family - and how to create more flexibility in those choices

  • How to advocate for yourself on any chosen pathway - how to identify needs and speak up for those needs

  • How to nurture your own identity as a woman within the motherhood role, regardless of your choice 

  • How race + ethnic identity affect choices, supports and available options for moms

  • How the pandemic has shaped work choices, flexibility, and support for mothers - the good, the bad, and the ugly


Here are all the details:


DATE: Tuesday, June 8

TIME: 7 to 8:15 pm PST


REGISTRATION: There is no cost to register. Please note that space is limited and attendance will be first come, first served.

Please feel free to share this info with anyone you think would like to attend!