Rising Star energy healing

Represents the Energy of the Sun

Science has proven that every living thing, including human beings, is made up of energy. When our energetic vibration decreases due to life's stress and challenges, imbalance can occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A Rising Star energy healing session brings healing to all levels, addressing both the symptoms and the cause of the imbalances - thus making it an extraordinarily comprehensive and effective treatment system.


How It Works


The Rising Star removes blockages and restores the pure and natural flow of life force energy, which keeps us alive and well. A Rising Star session raises the vibration of your energy field, so your entire being can balance and heal. Because our energy affects those around us, the benefits of a session are shared with your child, partner, and others in your environment.


Note: Energy healing is not a substitue for medical attention when warranted; medical professionals should be consulted for any medical concerns.


About the Rising Star


The Rising Star Healing System™ was developed by Derek O'Neill, an Irish-born healer and teacher. The Rising Star harmonizes within it many other healing systems found in India, Tibet, China, Japan, Europe, and Celtic-based countries.


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our session. I think the baby is wondering where did my overwhelmed and tired mommy go and who is this woman dancing with me today!

Mandy, mom of Rowan