Try this for you


Step. Away. From. Your. Tech. Right now - well, as soon as you've finished reading this! Your brain is overstimulated by all the screen time you've needed to stay connected this past year, and many of your symptoms may be related to tech overexposure.


Right now, close your eyes. Feel the relaxing of the strain. Discipline yourself to stop checking texts and emails constantly, to keep scrolling through your social media and news feeds. Sit quietly for at least 5 whole minutes and just breathe. Or, go into your yard and sit looking at the trees, without distraction. Notice how much more grounded you feel.


Try this for kids


Give your child little fill-ups throughout the day that let them know you see them and you love them. This signals to their brain, "I am safe" - and will help mitigate difficult behavior. Use touch - hand on a shoulder, tousle their hair, offer a quick hug or kiss (tho skip this if your child doesn't like touch!).


"Hey, I think you got taller since we last checked. Do you FEEL taller? C'mere, let's see."


"We're having your favorite spaghetti tonight - red sauce with no green stuff, just how you like it."


"I love you just because."

Try this for your family


Do a daily family check-in, such as around the breakfast table in the morning or at dinner. Have each person share one thing they are feeling right now - no questions asked. Younger kids can point to a picture of a face showing a feeling, like this. Check-ins take only 5 minutes, but can have a powerful rebalancing effect on mood and behavior - and kids get to see that you're human, too.