Giving Back


Families that thrive create communities that thrive. They are the foundation upon which we build our present and our future. Nurturing and empowering mothers, chilldren and families is an investment that serves not just the families themselves, but each and every one of us.

A rising tide lifts all boats.



SQ Foundation


SQ Foundation provides food, medicine, water, education, shelter

and more to communities in 12 countries around the World. It seeks

to identify projects and organizations with passionate leaders, often

overlooked by larger institutions, where relatively small amounts of

funds go a long way. SQ Foundation believes in empowering those

in need to create long-lasting impact locally with positive ripple effects

globally. 97% of donated funds arrive at the source, getting

basic human necessities to where they are needed the most - with love.


Autism Speaks


One in 68 children has autism, and early diagnosis and intervention are key for supporting healthy

development, functionality and quality of life. The CDC reports that less than half of children with

autism receive comprehensive developmental evaluations by age 3. Autism Speaks seeks to develop

resources for every stage of life; advance innovative research that will lead to better understanding

of autism and personalized treatments; provide grants to local service providers; foster employment

opportunities and diverse housing and residential supports options; and spearhead state and federal

advocacy efforts on behalf of people with autism and their families.